About Asuka Kirara

Asuka Kirara (明日花キララ) , born in Tokyo, is a popular sexy Adult porn star in Japan. The G-cup beauty has appeared in 16 DVDs since her debut in Dec 2007 and she has enjoyed such popularity that some folks are calling her the new Porn Queen in JAPAN. The sales of Asuka Kirara’s Adult sexy porn movies which a body sexy to a cute face is top class also in a Japanese sexy Adult porn star, and appears are also always top class.  Besides, she is a singer and actress as well. What a sexy girl !

Name Asuka Kirara, 明日花キララ, 明日花绮罗, 明日花綺羅
Born 1988-10-02, Tokyo, Japan
Height 162cm
Cup G Cup
B/W/H 90 – 58 – 85 cm


  • The DMM Adult Awards 2017: Runner Up for  Best Actress Prize
  • The DMM Adult Awards 2014: Hot Topic Award
  • Sky PerfecTV! Adult Broadcasting Awards 2009: Best Actress


 Works  Date  Publisher  ID
 Kirara Asuka big tits  12-23  S1NO.1STYLE  OAE-133
 Only the highest class AV actress 16 hours BOX  11-18  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-129
 Kirara Asuka Company Trip NTR – HD 1080  10-07  S1NO.1STYLE  SSNI-043
 Asuka Kirara Sales NO.1 Real CG Comic – HD  07-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-951
 S1 Actress Who Is Completely Fixed And Can Not Move  07-07  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-120
 S1 Actresses Who Were Completely Tightly Forcibly Fucked All Titles Whole Corner Whole Complete 8 Hours  06-19  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-119
 Asuka Kirara SEX Rich Businessman – HD  06-07  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-928
 Kirara Asuka Patience SEX – HD1080  04-30  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-907
 VR Absolute temptation Kirara Asuka  04-28  S1NO.1STYLE  VRAD-801
 Kirara Asuka Golden Ratio Body – HD1080  04-02  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-885
 A Blowjob Rush Of Ultra Pleasure Right Before Ejaculation 80 Cum Shots!  04-02  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-111
 100 premiere selection AV idols  03-16  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-107
 Kirara Asuka S1 8 Hours BEST Vol.4 – HD1080  03-16  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-106
 Kirara Asuka SEX In The AV Shop – HD1080  03-16  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-789
 Celebrity Daughter With Big Tits Gets Tied Up And Raped In S&M Kirara Asuka  03-04  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-862
 Voyeur Realistic Document Special  03-04  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-099
 The absolute most 50 beautiful girls  02-17  S1NO.1STYLE  GAH-076
 Kirara Asuka Professional Molester – HD1080  02-04  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-839
 Now, It Will Show Popular S1 Actress Fifty SEX All!12 Hour Special Large Volume! !  01-15  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-091
 Body fluid blows as much as I can do SEX for 8 hours in a vagina  01-01  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-088
 2017 Super best actress 100 stuffed superb lucky bags! All SEX 12 hour Special  01-01  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-100
 Works  Date  Publisher  ID
 The Emotions Want Committed About Pretty  12-17  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-087
 Absolutely beautiful girl  11-11  S1NO.1STYLE  PPT-039
 Kirara Asuka Couple In The Country – HD1080  11-03  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-764
 Kirara Asuka SEX Anytime Anywhere – HD1080  10-02  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-744
 S1 Actress Of Oma ● From There Doroo Cloudy Juice Come Out With The ~!Popular Series ‘milky Juice Coming Out Of The’ In All 8 Title Fully Complete 8 Hours!  10-02  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-074
 Takes Wholesale Original Jacket Specification S1 Carefully Selected 49 People Super Golden Ratio Body COLLECTION  10-02  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-072
 F cup girls mammary intercourse with me  09-17  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-071
Complete Record Of Kirara Asuka Getting Ravaged In Private  09-03  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-724
 The Coupling Portion A “Kuppaa ~” And Confronted Manmoro Cowgirl 46 Barrage Spree Shake The Hips  08-14  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-062
 Pleasure Peeing Incontinence And Large Flood Special Kirara Asuka  08-07  S1NO.1Style  SNIS-704
 S1 PRECIOUS GIRLS 2016  07-07  S1NO.1Style  OFJE-052
 Kirara Asuka help boy get rid of virgin  07-03  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-684
 Traveling For Work On An Overnight Bus  04-30  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-651
 Launch The Verge!Patience Juice Runaway Of Feels Fellatio 316 Rapid-fire 16 Hours 5th  04-19  ROOKIE  RBB-091
 Squirting And Cumming At The Same Time!  04-19  ROOKIE  RBB-085
 own Go Cancer Rise SEX Father Also Handsome Also Narrowing Brought  04-12  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-634
 Minimal Mosaic – Best 8 Hours  03-13  S1NO.1STYLE  OFJE-019
 Kirara Asuka Disturbed Drunk – HD 1080  03-03  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-615
 20 the best AV actresses with you for 4 hours  02-23  GALLOP  GNE-130
 S1 Gold BEST 16 Hours DVD4 Disc Special  02-14  S1NO.1STYLE OFJE-014
 Kirara Asuka Golden Ratio BODY Cosplayers – HD1080  02-04  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-596
 I Want To Fill In The Face In The Grab!Poyoyon Poyon!The Tayun Was Yun Tits 8 Hours  01-16  ROOKIE  RBB-081
Works Published Date Publisher ID
 Kirara Asuka Busty Cabin Attendant – HD1080   12-31  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-576
 S1 2015 Minimal Mosaic Highlights 12 Hours BOX   12-12  S1NO.1STYLE  ONSD-997
 Kirara Asuka SEX Thanksgiving Fan   12-03  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-553
 Esuwan 100 Production 50 People 8 Hours Vol.2   12-03  S1NO.1STYLE  ONSD-992
 High Quality Selected Sex 8 Hours 4   11-01  S1NO.1STYLE  ONSD-983
 Gaping Pussy. Kirara Asuka   11-01  S1NO.1STYLE  ONSD-985
 Asuka Kirara SEX Voyeur – HD1080   11-01  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-531
 The White Juices That Come From Inside Kirara Asuka   10-03  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-508
 Gaping Pussy. Kirara Asuka   09-05  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-484
 Forced To Be An Underwear Model… Kirara Asuka   04-16  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-381
 Beautiful OL Office Romance SEX Circumstances 4 hours   04-03  S1NO.1STYLE  HODV-21062
 Insurance Saleslady’s Pillow Trade Kirara Asuka   03-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-360
 My Female Boss During The Day, My Sex Slave At Night Kirara Asuka   02-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-338
 Asuka Kirara S1 Girimoza 8 Hours Best Vol.2   01-07  S1NO.1STYLE  ONSD-884
Works Published Date Publisher ID
 S1 Super Idol Collection High Quality Sex  11-19  S1NO.1STYLE  ONSD-870
 Kirara Asuka Exhausted Rim – HD1080  11-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-275
 High-quality Specialties Risky Mosaic Sex 8 Hours 3  10-19  S1NO.1STYLE  ONSD-864
 Let’s Fuck Outside Kirara Asuka  10-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-254
 Kirara Asuka Cock Zubozubo – HD1080  09-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-233
 Tit fucking Giant Breasted Women Kirara Asuka  08-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-212
 Hot Kisses During SEX 40 Fucks  07-19  S1NO.1STYLE  ONSD-832
 Girls Looking for Molesters: Beautiful Career Women Compilation Kirara Asuka  07-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-191
 Sensual Massage Parlor Worker Kirara Asuka  06-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-172
 Secret Woman Investigator: Torture & Rape, The Revenge Requiem Kirara Asuka  05-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-152
 High Class Soapland Get the finest service in this full course menu from single hotties 1  04-22  NEOGIFT  GNE-047
 Kirara Asuka – S1 Minimal Mosaic – Best 8 Hours vol. 1  04-19  S1NO.1STYLE  ONSD-803
 4 hours Lesbian ism  04-04  h.m.p  HODV-20968
 Kirara Asuka ‘s Cowgirl Special  02-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-095
 Big Boobs ISM  02-07  h.m.p  HODV-20951
 8 Hours Ultimate Masturbation – HD 1080  02-07  S1NO.1STYLE  ONSD-779
 My Hot Life With Kirara Kirara Asuka  01-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-075
Works Published Date Publisher ID
 Vivid High Resolution: 8 Hours of Mingling Juices and Super Rich Sex  12-07  S1NO.1STYLE  ONSD-760
 Kirara Asuka Luxury Soap Lady – HD1080  11-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-030
 Clean That Cum Off Your Face, Bitch! ( Kirara Asuka )  10-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SNIS-011
 Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex – Kirara Asuka  09-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SOE-993
 Exclusive NO.1 STYLE – Kirara Asuka ‘s Squirting Full Course  07-19  S1NO.1STYLE  SOE-960
 Kirara Asuka “Prestige Final”  04-19  ABSOLUTE  ABS-218
 Totally Beautiful Girl, I’ll Borrow her. ACT. 30  03-01  ます。  MAS-103
 Seducing Working Women “Violating Kirara Asuka in Her Suit” Vol 21 Special  02-01  よろず企画  YRZ-069
 Natural Airhead 100% Kirara Asuka Juice! Kirara Asuka Kirara Asuka’s Body Fluids  01-01  ABSOLUTE  ABS-181
Works Published Date Publisher ID
 48 Positions Non-Stop – From Behind On the Bed  12-07  h.m.p  HODV-20832
 PRESTIGE Porn Actress Comes to your House!  12-01  10th Anniversary Project  TAP-002
 Kyoto Unfaithful Housewife Kirara Asuka  04-20  ABSOLUTE  ABS-103
 Order In, Complete Naked Housekeeper. – Kirara Asuka  03-22  ABSOLUTE  ABS-093
 The Beautiful Girl Next Door is Tempting Me Kirara Asuka  01-20  ABSOLUTE  ABS-076
Works Published Date Publisher ID
 Kirara’s Raging Climax Kirara Asuka  12-22  ABSOLUTE  ABS-066
 Kirara Paradise Kirara Asuka  08-23  ABSOLUTE  ABS-042
 Porn Star Kirara Asuka  07-21  ABSOLUTE  ABS-036
 Sexy Slut Soaped Up and Satisfied Kirara Asuka  06-21  ABSOLUTE  ABS-030
 Kirara Asuka Extreme Selections Best – Body Fetish Edition  06-03  VB  BNDV-814
 Kirara Asuka Gets Sticky During ***  05-20  Special  SPC-004
 Bad Girl Kirara Fucks Her Man Boneless  04-20  ABSOLUTE  ABS-022
 My Loyal Sex Pet Special Kirara Asuka  03-23  Special  SPC-002
 Two Days and One Night at a Hotel with Unbelievably Beautiful Kirara Asuka  02-23  ABSOLUTE  ABS-015
 Kirara Asuka Glamorous Freedom  01-13  ABSOLUTE  ABS-012
Works Published Date Publisher ID
 Kirara Asuka I Want To Jerk Off! We Offer Full Support!!  2010-12-16  INGOT  ING-001
 If Kirara Asuka Were…  2010-11-18  ABSOLUTE  ABS-004
 Helper Kirara Working Now Kirara Asuka , Working at a Girls Bar  2010-10-21  ABSOLUTE  ABS-003
 Toy Play With Kirara’s Jiggly Butt – Kirara Asuka  2010-08-06  ABSOLUTE  ABS-001
 Too Nasty Kirara Asuka  2010-07-07  TOP  TOP-001
 Follow Kirara Asuka on Her Fan Thanksgiving Day!!  2010-06-11  マンハッタン  MAN-109
 Best 10 Cosplay HD Selection  2010-05-21  h.m.p  HOBD-015
 Kirara Asuka Came to Our School!!  2010-05-12  マンハッタン  MAN-107
 Kirara Taking Pleasure  2010-04-10  erogenuszone  EZD-383
 Kamikitazawa, Newly Wed Lullaby Kirara Asuka  2010-03-11  erogenuszone  EZD-369
 Best HD Collection 4  2010-02-21  h.m.p  HOBD-014
 Visit The Home Of A Porn Star. Special Issue  2010-02-10  素人派遣専門  SHS-030
 WATER POLE SPECIAL Kirara Asuka  2010-01-13  erogenuszone  EZD-341
 Best HD Collection 3  2009-11-21  h.m.p  HOBD-010
 Asian Sex in High Definition Video  2009-07-21  h.m.p  HOBD-007
 Porn Star Obscenity Mouthful Part 1  2009-03-21  h.m.p  HODV-20559
 Nakadashi First Time Super Ecstasy Fuck 2  2009-02-21  h.m.p  HODV-20552
 Kirara Asuka Big Tits  2008-11-21  h.m.p  HODV-20532

Photobooks & Other Works

Works Published Date Publisher Photographer ISBN
绮・墨 2016-03-26 Autoai Design 蕭文厚
明日花キララの体温が、仆より少し高くなった时。 2012-10-23 Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd. 细井智燿 ISBN 978-4-19-863491-9
Gorgeous 2011-03-25 Saibunkan Shuppan Co., Ltd 细井智燿 ISBN 978-4-7756-0501-1
Love Para Japanese Sexy Idol 2010-07-20 Takeshobo Co., Ltd. Susumu Makihara ISBN 481244280X
NO NUDE by KISHIN 2 AKARUI KIRARA 2009-02-24 Asahi Press Kishin Shinoyama ISBN 978-4-255-00461-7
Kira Kira 2008-12-03 Futabasha Publishers Ltd. Koki Nishida ISBN 978-4-575-30093-2
 Works  Published Date  Director
  Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon   2015-01-17  Kenichi Fujiwara
  Iron Girl   2012-06-21  Masatoshi Nagamine
  Step Up Love Story: Triple Love and Love Forever   2012-05-12  Kazuhiro Yokoyama
  Step Up Love Story: Second Kiss   2011-12-17  Kazuhiro Yokoyama


Works Published Date Publisher Photographer ISBN